Tuesday, 9 July 2013

INTERVIEW: Luis Suarez on Sport890

Apologies for not having posted any material in a while but other commitments have gotten the better of me. Here is a translation of Luis Suarez' interview with Sport890 radio in Uruguay which was broadcast on July 9 2013.

Host: Luis Suarez thank you for joining us. Will we find you in Uruguay, outside of Uruguay? How are you Luis?

Luis: Hello how are you? Good morning. No I am here in Uruguay with my family relaxing.

Host: How long are you here for in Uruguay?

Luis: Initially until the 21'st (of July) is when I have to present myself in Liverpool.

Host: Perfect. Are you enjoying being with your friends? Of the cold not so much but I can imagine you have been able to have an asado, watch football, to see/do things that when you're far away you miss.

Luis: Yes obviously but I try not to talk too much about football as I have just finished a very long year and now I am enjoying time with my friends and family and nephews you know the people who are always with me trying to enjoy moments that when you're away you miss.

Host: Can you live peacefully these days in Uruguay? What is your relationship with the people? Maybe you don't come out too much? How is your day in Uruguay?

Luis: One tries to avoid the idea of going out much because we know how the people are here with all the fanatics. But when one has to go shopping out somewhere they have to know people will stop you for a photo or an autograph and for that you can't get mad or heat up. The other day with my wife we wanted to take all my nephews and nieces out to eat and to the cinemas and it was us two with nine kids so the people then didn't disturb us at all. It's a show of respect by the people... and that day I was very pleased with the respect of the people.

Host: How are you viewing the U20 World Cup at the moment with the win against Spain and being in the four best nations?

Luis: Being at the (Confederations) Cup the games we could watch we tried and the ones we couldn't we kept up with the results. The game against Spain I got the opportunity to watch it here at home and it's been a while since I've watched a Uruguay game with so much nervousness and emotion and it was so emotional to see the end with Juanco and Diego... it was incredible. It's a form of showing how the football continues to grow from below with the juniors and it shows in the games that the youngsters are hungry to win and with the goal of winning a World Cup which Uruguay haven't done for a long time. It's great to see.

Host: Straight away you sent out a tweet congratulating the squad but do you know any of the youngsters well enough to call them to congratulate them or are you want to keep a bit distant?

Luis: No it's obvious at the time that they are great moments and any player would like to recieve messages but I trained with a few when the seniors were in Colombia and before we went to the (Confederations) Cup but I don't want to disturb them.. just being Uruguayan and being proud.

Host: Luis, when 'el Diente' chipped the penalty what went through your mind?

Luis: Honestly at no time did I think he would do that but it just shows an incredibly personality. His quality of game has been shown already in a few games but to do that so late showed his personality.

Host: Especially considering it was the three year anniversary of 'el Loco's' as well?

Luis: Yes yes it was something very coincidental but the important thing that it was a goal and Uruguay went through that day.

Host: What a player 'el Diente' is, huh Luis?

Luis: He has great potential and I hope he continues that path because the national team will do well with a player of that quality. People have said there are no future but these youngsters are showing there are some great players out there starting from in goals and finishing in all the guys up front and the changes they have.

Host: How do you see the game against Iraq? Some people have put Uruguay favourites but sometimes that is bad as they expose a shift in approach. They are hard games when you have more history than the other.

Luis: It's hard. Maybe Uruguay took that same approach in the semi-final vs Holland and obviously they were favourites. But maybe it's okay to put Uruguay as favourites as they eliminated the side that was candidate to win the tournament. They have to continue with the same mentality and stay calm. Iraq have shown they will be a tough opponent but I think Uruguay have shown they are better and I hope they show that tomorrow. 

Host: How'd you feel when FIFA voted your free-kick against Spain as the best goal of the Confederations Cup?

Luis: Well obviously it's a proud feeling for one after having the tournament we did where we could have ended in a better place but to have the best goal is a proud feeling for one and for the team as well to leave a good image which we wanted to leave. For the people to vote for my goal with all the nice goals, I really liked the one from Pirlo, and to be among the best is good.

Host: Luis, were you able to see some of the other games? Did you see how Chile lost?

Luis: No I read about it.. 

Host: Everyone was saying they were missing your hand...

Luis: I read that (laughs) that if he put out his hand he would have stopped the goal. I found that funny.

Host: If someone had just put out there hand it would have been a penalty and well then we would see if they would miss it.

Luis: Yes yes I read that. It would have been quite curious if they had done the same and it would have created a lot of attention and they probably would have started attacking me again.

Luis: The game against Venezuela was a great mood-changer for us morale-wise as we had arrived with a lot of attention towards the Confederations Cup because if we lost we would have basically missed out on the World Cup and been quite demoralised for a competition we deserved to be at after winning the Copa America. The game against Spain we knew would be the hardest as it was the first game and it was against Spain who like to dominate the whole game but we knew it would be the game against Nigeria we had to win and well we won and we regained some of that spirit that we had earlier to never lower our arms. Against Tahiti well obviously they were the weakest opponents and against Brazil we were a lot better than some of the qualifiers we had played earlier and I think we demonstrated that the Uruguay of now is easily capable of matching it with any national team home or away. If it wasn't for a few minutes and we had a chance which we couldn't exactly capitalise on but what left us happy was the confidence that came back against Brazil and even against Italy where we showed great fight and well we now know the next important game is in September.

Host: Luis have you had contact with your club? What have they been saying? Do you go back to Liverpool with all these rumours that keep going on? Do you know what you want to do and don't want to make them public?

Luis: I have to present myself on the 21st with Liverpool in their tour of Australia but no-one knows what could happen. I've already said what I have to say, and initially I have to be there on the 21st but a maybe a phone call one day can change all your plans. 

Host: Do you live near your phone and the things people are saying or no, do you just enjoy your family and play things your way, be with your children.. but two out of three times you'll check to see if the news has come?

Luis: No obviously I have the phone around me most of the time. Yesterday, or two days ago, my agent had called me like four times and I said "Sorry, I'm on holidays"..

Host: Is it still Guardiola?

Luis: .. Yes yes yes it's still him. Well I try to enjoy these moments but like I said a phone call can change everything but I prefer to enjoy now and check when I can.

Host: The call from Guardiola was that to let you know what he's up to?

Luis: No, no that was just to let me know what my situation is and that he is speaking to the club.

Host: But is there any developments? Or are there conversations?

Luis: (laughs)

Host: Look, tell us what you can!

Luis: For now everything is going well I am very calm but initially I am meant to present myself on the 21st but like I said no one knows what can happen. 

Host: Do you know that there has been an offer from Arsenal?

Luis: Yeah surprising. I don't know who told me I think it was my wife that I am going to speak French with Cavani. She comes and tells me something different all the time!

Host: Is it more normal that someone wants you like Madrid or Paris Saint-Germain than a club from England after what you have lived through? Was it a surprise that another team from England wants you?

Luis: No.. well one has to value that despite everything that's happened one is still in the market.. that clubs still valuing players for what they can do on the field and that makes me think that one can come back and do things well over there. Like I've said they have given it to me in England but like we say I've given them stuff to eat because if I hadn't done anything then probably they wouldn't have been as bad but oh well football is like that and you have to be accustomed to all that and it's good that the English clubs still want me.

Host: With all the clubs you have been linked to is it down to just one club?

Luis: No there are a few options and the club knows that. Are there any concrete options? No so far there hasn't been any. There are two or three clubs who I think are willing and the club knows that. 

Host: Does it amuse you to see you in a photo with the likes of Madrid wanting you or something? What goes through your mind?

Luis: Yeah it does amuse you. Or when they say things it amuses you because they don't know anything. It does grab your attention. Or when I'm having a chat with my brother in law and he says 'I saw Chelsea want Luis Suarez' and I say 'Ah yeah I see you're eating up what the press say. I say to him they know more than we do and it's funny. 

Host: Luis, what do you reckon? Will it be Cavani or Suarez who is done first?

Luis: (laughs) I don't know! Let's hope whatever happens for the both of us is the best option for each of our futures, each of our family.. from what they are saying Edi's (transfer) is very close. 

Host: Have you guys spoke at all?

Luis: Just the other day I spoke to him and I said don't lie to me I'm not a journalist or anything.. it's just a joke between us.

Host: How incredible it has been that in the last month and a half you two have been most talked about players in international news.. what a proud thing it must be for you two as well as Uruguayan football and we're not talking about middle-table clubs either we're talking about some of the most important clubs in the world. Do you value that?

Luis: Obviously you value it I think in the past month and a half what has been spoken about me and Edi has been incredible. Whatever we have said whether it's we want to play with this person or whatever... they have published it. There you have to be really cautious about everything you say because everything would be published but it also leaves you happy that each of our relation with our clubs is good and that the clubs are happy to help the player decides and that their future is the best.

Host: So are you all ready to go if you get the call tomorrow and have to leave for the airport straight away? If you have to make a quick exit are you all ready?

Luis: Yes obviously. (laughs)

Host: You say you're here enjoying your holidays but it's the truth it's what you're waiting for, the call that says "Luis, everything is sorted you have to be at the airport at 3." You would go crazy in those moments?

Luis: Yes those moments are crazy, with the friends who say 'when are you going to come over?' I have to say look I'll call you and say I'll see you in a bit because I can't coordinate a day incase they call earlier so it's hard being trying to enjoy these last few days. 

Host: So you've got about ten days left here in Uruguay, but you accept that you may have to leave earlier than that?

Luis: Yes I am aware of that. Me like all players are aware of that and especially when one already made things clear and say what he had to say and now just waiting for the opportunity.

Host: Luis, before the game against Venezuela and the Copa there were rumours you may have to leave in a hurry and come back at the last minute because something came up, were they true?

Luis: No that is not true. My teammates asked the same thing but at no time before the Venezuela game or the Cup did I have to fly because my agent knew with me being in the qualifiers and the Cup I had no rush to do anything. 

Host: How is the sister going with the news of a brother?

Luis: Good, good for now she's always in front of her mother asking how her little brother is going.

Host: When does he arrive?

Luis: October. 

Host: Where do you hope he's born?

Luis: No, no.. wherever we are.

Host: With Uruguay qualified (for the World Cup)!

Luis: Let's hope he comes with the luck of us already qualified.

Host: Have you decided on a name?

Luis: Yes, Benjamin.

Host: Benjamin, what a lovely name. Well thank you Luis for your time.


  1. i'm a liverpool fan and i find reading this hard the fans of liverpool have taken suarez in like a hero a red now i am see him as somebody thats out for number one (suarez) but i say thank you for all your goals and hard work but you let us down one more season at liverpool could have seen you wear the red of liverpool in the champion's league good luck

  2. Its clear to those in the know, or those who can read between the lines, that the lack of support by Fenway to Luis has been outrageous.

    Fenway have no interest in competing, just making money, slashing wages. And slurring stars in the media, so they can cash in, and pocket the money.

    Poor Luis has given everything for our club.
    And dozey fans would rather believe some American conmen and their friends in the media.

    wearenotabrandliverpool DOT wordpress DOT COM

    1. Dear God Charlo, what an absolute load of nonsense. If you don't like Fenway then fine but don't try and twist something to make them the ones to blame. The fact of the matter is everyone at Liverpool have bent over backwards to accommodate this idiot (who I dearly love as a Liverpool fan) but all he does is keep shitting on out front door. The guy needs a slap and then to be told to keep his gob shut until Liverpool recieve an offer worthy of prising him away from us (who are not English!). If no-one does then he stays, simple. But if he keeps mouthing off to anyone and everyone then he needs to be fined.

    2. P4UL . . Well said . . You have wrote almost word for word how I feel . . and the fine is overdue . .

  3. You'll be appreciated and much beloved by a Champions League side - Arsenal. Talented guy, mistreated by a sensationalist media looking for the next big "story." Luis hasn't done himself any favors mind you, but the media are every bit as guilty. Looking forward to seeing you in London next summer Luis!

  4. Very disappointed with Suarez but this guy needs to be made to understand that he is on a long term contract at Liverpool and that means something.

    If Liverpool receive an appropriate offer for their valuation of one of their players, they will consider that offer and may choose to accept or reject it.

    Suarez will have to suck it up and get on with it if the club does not receive an offer they are satisfied with.

    He's on a long term contract and the World Cup is next year. If he elects to sulk and warm the bench at Anfield next season that'll be his call to make and will show the strength of character of the man.

    The way Spurs dealt with Modric before finally selling him to Real Madrid for their valuation of the player is a good example of how to manage this situation.

    Furthermore they should inform the player that the club are imposing a deadline date for consideration of any offers so they can pimp him out until then but no offers will even be entertained by the club after the deadline date has passed.

    Bottom line is we'd prefer him to stay and the fans do deserve one more season from Suarez to achieve CL qualification before he does go.
    However, if he does go it will be on the club's terms, not the player's.

    I believe Liverpool could be about to embark on an exciting period where a young team is developed to challenge for the top 4 and beyond. I also believe this will be achieved with or without Luis Suarez.

  5. Luis is a disgrace to football, especially Liverpool Football Club. If he wants to leave, so be it, talk behind closed doors, not to he media. Liverpool have stood by Luis through everything, they backed him and helped him, and now he wants out.....well he will only go if Liverpool are happy with any offer, if not, he stays and can warm the bench!!!

  6. Luis thank you for the goals, but just remember after every stupid idiotic thing you did, was your own doing and we were behind you. U are not going to get that anywhere else in any other football club. If u stay ill be glad if u go ill be even more glad. Yes you make goals and u play brilliant football but sorry you can never be greater then the club mate, even if u stayed until u retired u would still not be carra or gerrard nor the guys before them!

    The club is always bigger then you
    Farewell and continue your bad behavior whereever you may roam.

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  8. Liverpool should let Suarez go to another better team with prospect. He has got same problem like Bale had.

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